Business Registration

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Because each business establishment located in the Village affects the physical and economic well being of the Village, such business establishments shall in all respects be in full compliance with the provisions of Chapter 32 of the Lake in the Hills Municipal Code. The regulations are designed to keep a current listing of businesses operating in the Village, aid the Police Department in its responsibilities, ensure zoning compliance, and provide a cross check of sales tax collections.

For this reason, businesses must be registered with the Village before being able to engage in businesses or business activities.

Home-Based Businesses

Home-based businesses will need to confirm that they are in compliance with the Home Occupation Regulations, see link below, of the Zoning Ordinance. If so, then simply apply for a business license online using our Public Portal at the link below. Once approved, you will receive a Business License from the Village Hall.

Commercial Businesses

If your business is leasing, buying, or constructing a building, there are two applications that must be submitted in order to begin operating your business in the Village. They are the Commercial Occupancy Application and the Business & Vending Registration Application.

Prior to submitting the application for commercial occupancy, there are specific steps to take to ensure that your business is in compliance with Village Code.

  1. Determine if the location you’ve chosen is zoned for the type of business or use(s) you’ve planned. Find the zoning of the property on the Village Zoning Map, and look up the use(s) on the Permitted and Conditional Use Chart of our Zoning Ordinance. If you need assistance, contact the Village Hall at 847-960-7400 to discuss zoning issues and processes.

  2. Determine if your business falls under the requirements for a food business or a business that sells alcohol:

    If you are planning a food business, contact the McHenry County Health Department for its requirements before you proceed. The Village requires County approval before approving a Building Permit or Certificate of Occupancy for a food business.

    If your business will be selling alcohol, you should review Chapter 33 “Liquor Control and Licensing of the Municipal Code and then submit to the Administration Department a Liquor License Application, along with all required attachments and the $500.00 Application Fee. If you have any questions regarding Liquor Licensing, please contact the Administration Department at 847-960-7400.

  3. Determine if you need to make building improvements. If so, submit a Building Permit Application with architectural plans showing construction, electrical, plumbing, and HVAC systems to the Village Hall for review. Please note that all contractors must be licensed to do work in the Village. As part of our review, we will ask for fire district inspection and approval. If approved, a Building Permit will be issued noting necessary inspections, including a final inspection.

  4. Determine if you want to hang a sign for your business. If so, you need to submit a Sign Permit Application and plans for your sign that are in compliance with Village sign regulations.

Once you’ve followed these steps and completed any necessary building improvements, you can submit a Business & Vending Registration Application online through the Public Portal. If approved, the Village Hall will issue a Business License so that you can open your doors for business.