Streets Division

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Street crews are responsible for the patching and general maintenance of streets. Division staff manages street sweeping, pavement markings, weed abatement, and the creation and maintenance of all regulatory street signs. If the weather is favorable, our goal is to have the street sweeper in operation every day.

Fleet Maintenance

The fleet maintenance staff maintains all Village vehicles and equipment through an established preventative maintenance program. Also, the division makes other repairs as needed.

Street Sweeping

Weather permitting, the street sweeping program consists of attending to every accepted street in the Village once a month. The best results are attained during dry periods. The street sweeper uses curb-directed water sprayers to minimize dust. Rainy weather minimizes effective cleaning, although streets can be swept shortly after a rain event. The Village staff does not sweep during below freezing weather or if ice is present in the curbs. Utilizing its dual capabilities, the street sweeping apparatus is also used for cleaning storm sewer catch basins.

ComEd Energy Efficiency Streetlight Head Replacement

The Village of Lake in the Hills Public Works Department collaborated with ComEd Energy Efficiency to replace existing streetlight heads throughout the Village with new more efficient LED streetlight heads. The ComEd Energy Efficiency program funded the project with no cost to the Village. Additionally, the efficiency of the new LED streetlight heads will reduce the cost of street lighting for the Village by approximately $17,000 per year.


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