Welcome to Lake in the Hills

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Welcome to Lake in the Hills

Since 1952, Lake in the Hills has welcomed residents and businesses and provided a high quality of life. The Village offers exceptional services through our Police Department, Public Works Department, and Community Services Department. Residents are also served by excellent fire protection districts, municipal water service and sanitary districts, and refuse and recycling services. 

The Village Recreation Division maintains impeccable public spaces and hosts a variety of programs designed for families and individuals throughout the year. Residents enjoy access to numerous parks, sport courts, green spaces, and amenities.

Nestled throughout Lake in the Hills are beautiful lakes and beaches. Woods Creek Lake is the largest lake, and it features two swimming areas, Indian Trail Beach and Butch Hagele Beach. Goose Lake, Willow Lake, and Lake Scott are tranquil shallow lakes. Goose Lake is a wonderful spot for fishing, while Willow Lake and Lake Scott are wildlife ponds.

Numerous businesses and service providers throughout the Village meet the needs of local residents. Each year, the Village recognizes exceptional businesses through the Gordon Larsen Business Achievement Awards.

The Village welcomes residents, businesses, and visitors to enjoy Lake in the Hills and its many features.